Friday, November 11, 2011

Short post with gross looking food pics

The weekend started out good with a 5 am gym sesh.  I lifted biceps and back today as well as doing a spin class.  Spin kicked my trash.  I loved every second of the sweat rolling in my eyes.

Breakfast was hot chocolate protein with a side of plain greek yogurt topped with raw oats and blueberries.  I received my chocolate mint protein on my door today!  I'm so excited to try it hot tomorrow morning.  I'll lat ya know how it was.

I baked all morning for my husbands scouts so by 1:30 I hadn't really eaten anything decent.  I had the sick feeling of eating too much brownie batter ya know?

So lunch was boring.  A single plain salmon burger.  I knew I needed some protein and real food but nothing sounded appetizing and this is what I was able to gag down.  Big whoop.

My mom invited me up for pizza but I fed P first.  This is whole wheat noodles with my moms homemade pesto which is probably the best thing I have ever eaten.  I snuck a few bites of his dinner before I got myself a plate.

Pizza with lots of veggies and pesto with a salad on the side.  This hit the spot since my meals were not really meals today.

There was some weirdo at my parents tonight.  Not sure who she was but I did happen to snap of pic of her.............

Happy weekend everyone.  We have a crazy packed weekend of course but I'm hoping I squeeze in a workout somewhere tomorrow.

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