Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where have I been?

I've been staying up late and working.  I've been tired.  Blogging has taken a backseat for the moment.  Don't I look lovely tired in this pic?

We are trying to put together all the new designs, name all the new designs, get rid of some designs, and do the whole spring/summer catalog for Jamberry.  It is crazy.  It messes with your head trying to sort out all those designs.

Thankfully I have a fun team (aka my sisters, sister in law, who are the best) to work with.  And Jennifer of course.  We have some good times staying up late.  Thank goodness for caffeine and sugar!

I did fit in a Valentines Day dinner somewhere in the blur of the last three weeks.  I think in a week or so we should be all set to print!  Hooray!

We have also been out of town and will be going again this weekend.  My workouts have been not the same but I am still getting them in for the most part.  On a brighter note....

*Hubs bought me a spin bike!!!  So when I don't get to bed till the early morning and don't wake up for the gym I can still spin.  So exciting!

Hopefully blogging will be more regular after next week.  No promises though.  :)