Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Since I didn't post yesterday I didn't publicly tell my sis Happy Birthday.  But who am I kidding, she doesn't check this thing anyway.  I found a couple of new good finds to share but first the WOD:  I did this GPP workout today,

100 rope jumps
10 single leg sit-stands (R)
10 single leg sit-stands (L)
20 high band pull M/H
20 OH BB push press 45/65
20 V-ups
5 rounds for time

Then I worked shoulders but didn't write it down so...sorry charlie.  Cardio was a short treadmill workout:

10 minutes hill sprints (one minute on as fast as you can, one minute off.  Stay on a high incline the whole time)
Run a fast uncomfortable mile :)
10 minutes sprints (one minute on as fast as possible, one minute off)

My Ipod died on my last ten minutes in my first sprint.  Sheesh...that sucked.

Breakfast was a protein shake and a couple bites of Grape Nuts.  :)  In the shake is protein powder, spinach, fruit, plain greek yogurt, and water.

I'm happy to report that teachers gifts are done and off.  Hooray.

I have all (well most) of my company party gifts wrapped and ready to go.  How did I ever get into this? So weird.  Those employees of our are going to love those gifts I got.  :)  Not.  But Christy, they will love the ones you got so that's a plus eh?  Apparently I like stripes?

Thanks for the self portrait Ollie!

The girls went to lunch today for my sisters birthday.  I got an asparagus and arugula salad which was amazing!!!! And two little Korean steak tacos.  I have a problem....I almost always look up the nutrition facts at restaurants and decide what I want to get by looking at that.  Those tacos were surprising low in calories.  They were really small though which was fine by me!

I made my hubs a really healthy dinner.  :)  Haha....chicken, goat cheese, salami bake?  I don't know.  I made it up really quick.  I threw in some cooking wine and seasonings as well.  He liked it.

With my most favorite potatoes roasted.  They look gross or something else but they are awesome.

I opted for a salmon burger and veggies. for my new favorite finds.  First off,  brown rice pasta.  This was excellent.  It tasted just like regular pasta.  And the Kirkland marinara has no sugar in it.  Win. Win. Win.

I had mine over a bed of spinach with some fresh mozzarella.

This is my most favorite thing!!!!  Maple flavored Agave.  Real maple syrup is great but it can get so pricey.  This is a great alternative.

And the ingredients are the best part.  I love things that have under five ingredients.  Sweet!!!

I had mine with a protein shake and a small waffle yesterday for breakfast.  I seem to eat plain greek yogurt with everything.  It came out a little to fast so I had a little much but I was really pleased with this.

Gotta get my arse up for spin tomorrow.  Hopefully I make it.  My favorite teacher is out of town and so we have a sub. is so hard.  That was a joke....I am very, very, blessed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catch up....the weekend in pictures

With the holidays in full swing my post may thin out a little.  By January I should be better at keeping up.  We have been out of control busy.  It's insane.  Our weekend was packed.  So here it is in pics.  But's workout:

Biceps and Back

Incline bicep curls-15 heavy weight
Sumo squats-15
One minute sprint
*repeat three times

DB bicep curls-15
Bench row with ball-15 each arm (knees on bench. one hand balances on ball while the other is doing the row exercise.)
Lunges with DB-10 each leg
One minute sprint
*repeat three times

BB bicep curls-20
BB back row-15
*Repeat three times

*Repeat three times

No cardio because I'm heading to spin in ten minutes!!

Breakfast was protein hot chocolate and oatmeal with a little Greek yogurt and cinnamon.

Can this be considered a snack?  Cuz it was mine.

Some meals from the last couple of days......don't be fooled.  Not pictured is the cake, chex mix, ice cream, and cookies that all made their way to my tummy.  No worries.

Want some healthy fro yo?  Plain greek yogurt, and frozen blueberries.

Add a little stevia and stir her up.......

Sooooooo yummy.  My kids love this too.

Remember my chia balls?  This guy loves them and will munch on a frozen one till they are gone.

I am not a weirdo although I look like it below.  What the?  We partied with some weird peeps Friday night.  

I left my camera on the table and when I downloaded pics today here's what I found....

Sorry you are all on the world wide web.  I don't even know who some of those are.

Another x-mas party we had.....thanks to my hubs for hooking this beautiful place up.

I brought a veggie tray and,

Skewers of some sort.

We have huge trees in our backyard and we raked them all up saturday night.

After that busy weekend we did get some good card playin in.  Such a great stress reliever.  :)

Off to spin!!