Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Abs and legs

I have a love hate relationship with working my legs.  I love how I always feel like I get such a good workout, I love how it pushes me, I hate how tired I am after legs, and I hate how sore my hamstrings get.  Here is my workout today:

First I did this gpp workout:

50 situps
50 crunch twists L
50 crunch twists R
50 back extensions
1 min 6" leg hold
50 KB juggles 25/35
50 tick tocks L 25/35
50 tick tocks R 25/35
1 min ab bridge hold
50 crunches
800m run

After the 800 meter run I started right in on legs.  First off was a burnout on the leg extension machine.

50 walking lunges
One minute sprint
*repeat three times

Deadlifts with barbell-15
Leg Press-10 Heavy Weight!!!  (this link is awesome.....labor? constipation?  Oh...just lifting.)
Sumo squat jumps holding a 25 pd plate-15
*repeat three times

Squats on smith machine-15
Pulsing abs with weight-15
Butt to floor squats on smith machine-15
*repeat two times
TRX single leg lunge jumps-10 each leg  (add a hop when your coming up out of the lunge)
Hanging abs-15 center  10 side to side
*repeat three times


Breakfast today was mint chocolate hot cocoa protein with one egg + one egg white.  Thanks babe for making this while I soaked my freezing butt in the tub.  :)

Snack was apples and almond butter along with some of my girls pita chips.  I get really bored at gymnastics and so I shared.  Well they shared but still.

Lunch was a wrap.  I used a La Tortilla Factory low carb wrap with hummus, spinach, lettuce, chicken, balsamic, and seasonings.  It was good but I am still trying to talk myself into liking these tortillas.  I eat them all the time because I like the nutrition facts but my taste buds don't like them very much.  Oh well, I will continue to eat them.  Blah.

I pulled off the fish braid today....well kinda.  I used to do these all the time when I was little.  In fact, it was the first braid I learned how to do.  So the tutorials all ever the web are killing me.  It's old news peeps.  I felt like a little girl again.  Hubs made the bed today...can ya tell?

Snack today was a protein smoothie.  I had a raging headache and felt bad for my kiddos cuz I was smack down on the couch for at least an hour so.......

I drank this and took two extra strength excedrian.  It took the edge off and I was able to function again and embarrass my kids pumping out my dance moves in the kitchen while making dinner.  I am going to scar them for life.  Ah well.

At least they like my healthy smoothies.  I don't feel so bad if they don't eat all their veggies at dinner if they have one of these during the day.

Dinner tonight was chicken lettuce wraps with brown rice.  I will post the recipe tomorrow.  They were so yummy, so healthy, and my kiddos love em too!

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