Friday, November 4, 2011

Tonights going to be a good night......

love that song.  I can't wait for tonight.  I get to go to a girls night but not just any girls night.  It's a slumber party folks.  I am in the middle of baking my favorite chocolate cake to take so this post will be a quick one.  I need a night out though and the girls I am going to be with are crazy fun.  Mostly crazy...which is exactly how I like em.  Can't wait.

Todays workout was a good one since I want to eat my cake tonight.

I did an hour spin class which was insane.  I was soaked and had to change my shirt.  It was such a good workout.  Then my workout got really random.

Tricep kickback on pulley-15 (each arm)
Overhead tricep extension-15
Unassisted dips-15
*repeat three times

Then did three rounds of this GPP workout:

4 rounds for time:
400 m run
20 KB swings 25/35
20 OH DB press (strict) 15/20
250 m row
20 Aussie pullups (I did skull crushers here instead)
20 ski squats med/heavy (I did these on the pulley)


Single leg ball lunges-15 (each leg)
Abs on ball using pulley with weight-20
Reverse crunch with pulley-20

Then I left.  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pms....go away

Sorry you all (well all three of you) have to hear about my menstrual cycle.  Lets just say I'm bloated, up seven pounds....yup seven, and want chocolate 24-7.  Not a good thing two days after Halloween and you have a ton of it in your pantry.  On a positive note...I got my workout in at home last night before bed.

This morning's workout was all over the place.  Here's what I did:

15 minutes on stairmaster

Incline DB curl-15 each arm
Alternating BB curl-20
*repeat three times

5 minute row

Running the rack-biceps
Back row-20
*repeat three times

Lat pulldowns-15
Straight arm lat pull downs-15

Spin for 25 minutes

Cable cross lat pull downs-15
High pulley cable curls-15

A few abs and I called it good.

Breakfast today post gym was a blender bottle shake and a whole wheat blueberry muffin that the hubs made.  I needed more than a shake today since my pre period body id trying to convince me it's starving.  Fabulous.

Snack on the go... + dark chocolate chips and raisins.  Sorry Bubs, I ate all your yummy snacks.

Lunch today was also on the go.  A six inch turkey sub from subway.  I pick up Joey from work and we took the girls to get haircuts.  By the time they were done we were all starving and subway it was!

I ate probably three or so mini candy bars throughout the day so a healthy dinner had to be on the list.  Balsamic chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad.  I could have been a lot better today but my body is crazy right now.  CRAZY....I tell ya.  So there.  Be prepared for more period talk this coming week.  Technically the fun hasn't even begun.  Heaven help us!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I cannot believe it's November!!!  I hope you all had a happy Halloween.  Thankfully I got in a workout yesterday.  I did GPP and then went on a 4 1/2 mile run before this....

We  went over to my sisters house and let the kids trick or treat with all their cousins.  They all had so much fun and we had a ton of good food.

The turkey....  :)

They even went to Aunt Heathers to trick or treat.  They got way too much candy but they were sooooo excited.

Since we were up way to late last night I didn't get my butt out of bed to get to the's three thirty and I still haven't squeezed one in.  I am planning on doing this a little later:

20 squat jump
100 inner thigh raises (50 each leg)
20 jumping lunges
100 glute raises (50 each leg)
plank hold
*repeat five times

We will see if I can pull that off before bed. 

When I woke up this morning my hubs brought me breakfast in bed....and then when I walked out to my car to start the cycle of taking and picking kids up, I found this on my front seat.  :)  I have a keeper.  Thanks babe.

Do any of who have any fun Thanksgiving plans?  We do!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

12 miles

This weekend has been so busy.  I didn't even have time to think.  Fridays workout consisted of a Jillian workout x2.  I always feel like I get such a great workout when I do her workout twice.  I skipped cardio because I was planning on a run the next morning.  Jillian is basically cardio though.  C'mon.

Bfast was a blender bottle shake and some eggs.  Bleh....but it filled up my belly and I was in a hurry to get the little one off to her Halloween festivities at school.

This year L wanted to be a zebra and O a giraffe.  What?  So I put my brain to work to come up with a couple costumes.  They turned out better than I had hoped so I am not complaining.

Yes, my house is messy.  Get over it.

My favorite part of their costumes was their hoofs and the mane down the back of the shirt.  They loved them and have had so much fun prancing around in them.

O had a preschool program where they sang and did actions.  It was adorable.  This is her with her cousin Lily and friend Liza.

She loves cotton candy.  I tried to get out the door without her seeing it but she pulled me over to the cotton candy booth.  For real....pulled me there.

Saturday morning I met my sister for a run.  We ended up doing twelve miles.  Uphill pretty much the whole way.  Our down was basically a quarter mile straight down.  Oh was a fabulous workout and good conversations as always.  She is trying to talk me into a marathon.  I say yes if it isn't a registered race.  It takes all the fun out for me if I have to train instead of just going out for a long run.  I'm crazy I guess.  Maybe one day,  :)

Pre-run in the dark and the freezing cold.  Drink that up sista....your going to need it.

Afterwards we went over to my other sisters house to deep clean it for her.  I brought some protein powder for a quick pick me up after our run.  And extra clothes to change into so I didn't freeze.  It was my sisters birthday and she wanted her house deep cleaned for her present.  She thought we were hiring someone to come do it but we just did it ourselves so we could get her other presents as well.  Her husband got her out of the house and we came in and busted it out.  Walls, windows, fans, baseboards, was a clean house fo sho!

Mom looks pooped!  No resting woman...back to work!

I didn't get home till after eleven.  My body needed some food!!!  The hubs made me a breakfast burrito that I inhaled.  He takes care of me.  :)

We went up to Joey's sister house for a Halloween party on Saturday night.  So you get more pics of my kids in their costumes.  I dressed up for the kids and it was worth it.  They loved my costumes.  Me and the hubs were the only adults dressed up.  Cuz were the cool ones.  :)

Don't be jealous ladies.  It's all mine.  He cooks, he cleans, and he has white thighs to die for.   He made some killer chili and appetizers for the shindig.  He is a naughty me.

My little zookeeper would not let me get any pictures of him the little stink.  But he looked adorable.

I could eat whatever I wanted in this costume and still feel like my pants were fittin a little loose.  It was awesome.

Uh-huh...that's right.

We took all the kids on a hayride.  Joey might have had hay in weird places after.  I've got hay in low places where get it right?  Wow...past my bedtime. 

These were the killer appetizers hubs spent all afternoon while I was at a cookie decorating party with the girls.  Thanks Suzanne!  These are dates, cut in half, filled with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon, and broiled.  Weird?  Yes....but absolutely amazing.  

Some of the spread.... we also had baked potatoes, chili, mummy dogs, and mozzarella eyeballs.

The barfing pumpkin.  They made this guacamole healthy style by using avocados and lots of Lima beans.  It was really, really, good.

My MIL made this cute owl cookies.  Aren't they adorable.  The kiddos love them.  My sis in law made the little witch hats in the background.  So cute.  I skipped these treats and headed straight for this....

Pumpkin cake with ice cream.  Delicious.  It made my day.  I tried to stay awake to watch Strange Brew...yes, Strange Brew with the hubs but crashed pretty hard in about ten minutes.  Sorry babe.  Happy Halloween tomorrow!!!!