Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter running

I got to the gym by five this morning to lift because I was meeting my friend there at six to go running.  I am not liking this running in the cold/dark thing.  It is killing me!  I wear two shirts, a coat, hat, gloves....but I think I need a snow suit.  I am a wuss I guess.  I am usually fine by about mile two but man, it is so damn cold starting out. 

When I arrived home in my puffy winter coat I still felt like an ice cube.  I made some oatmeal with bananas, almond butter, and unsweetened almond milk.  I ate about half of it and decided I wanted hot chocolate instead. 

So another hot chocolate protein shake it was.  That hit the spot and I was satisfied.  I just ordered some mint chocolate protein.  I can't wait to have mint chocolate hot cocoa in the morning!!!

I cleaned my house today.  When I clean I blast music.  I received a text from the hubs while I was cleaning that said, "I love you.  The house is looking good."  Huh?  I thought he was at work.  So I went out to the front room to check things out and that sneaky bast left me another cinnamon roll.  You know I love them babe but are ya trying to make me chubs?  Sheesh. did put a big fat smile on my face.  

My on the go snack.  I had to share my apple with Olls.  :)  She is an apple monster.  She even weaseled one while trick or treating.  I was pretty impressed with her skills.

Lunch.  It looks like mac n cheese but its not.  It's whole wheat elbow noodles with the above butternut squash sauce.  I had it with a side of chicken and spinach sprinkled with balsamic.  I never eat pasta.  Not because it's healthy or not healthy...because I just don't really like it.  I know, I'm weird.  But it has never been one of my favorite things to eat.

I need one of these babies right now.

When making dinner and your starving and your kids are starving...bust out the veggies and dip.  I ate so many veggies before dinner that I couldn't eat that much real dinner.  But that's OK I guess.  My kids always get there veggies in this way too because they are always so hungry before dinner.

Dinner tonight was sweet potatoes, other potatoes, and chicken all cooked together.  Tender and delicious.

For you you run outside in the winter or stick to a treadmill?

Do you like pasta or could you care less about it?

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  1. hate the treadmill, will totally run outside in the freezing cold to avoid the treadmill. tell jose i need one of the cinnamon rolls, and i'm addicted to your protein hot chocolate now. it's my favorite thing!