Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chocolate for breakfast....chocolate for lunch.

I feel like I have been in such a funk lately.  I think all the late night weekends are throwing me off.  I did not want to get out of bed this morning.  At all.  In fact, as I was up and walking out the door I almost b-lined it straight back to bed.  I made it to the 5:15 spin class.  That woke me right up.  Good morning glutes and quads!  Sheesh.  Then I decided to lift legs.  Here is the workout I made up today:

Squats-12, then pulse for 10
Box jumps-20
*repeat three times

Single leg glute raise on bench-15 each leg
Jumping sumo squats with a 25 pd. plate
*repeat three times

Hamstring curls on ball-10, then 5 singles on each leg
Single leg lunge out on ball-15 each leg
*repeat three times

Wall sit with ball straight into wall squats with ball-30 seconds, 10 squats-SLOW!
*repeat three times

I a supposed to run tomorrow.  Haha...hopefully my legs keep up.  When I left the gym it was freezing.  I couldn't fathom drinking a protein shake made with ice.  So I turned it into this...

Protein hot chocolate.  Oh my gosh.  This will probably be my go to after workout shake most days this winter.  1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein, 2 heaping teaspoons of cocoa, a couple drops of stevia.  I shook it up in my blender bottle then poured it in a mug.  It really tasted like hot cocoa and it warmed me right up.

I love these for snacks.  A plain brown rice cake, almond butter and sliced banana.  This is a great quick snack when your low on time and my kids love them too.  I finished off the banana with a little more almond butter a little while later.

My sister took my girls this afternoon and my baby was sleeping.  What?  That NEVER happens.  I never have time when I am just alone.  It was crazy.  I decided to take advantage of it and take a nap.  I went to bed at one and was up at two.  I didn't sleep much but my body felt rested after that.  Thanks so much Christy!

When I woke up I wanted to try this chocolate cake I saw online.  If you have a sweet tooth like me and want some healthy alternatives to sweets you need to check out this site.  It is all desserts that have been made healthy.  LOVE IT!

Uh, after that crappy lunch I decided to have veggies for dinner.  The hubs said he would do dinner tonight so Papa Johns it was.  I let myself have a small slice with a big spinach chicken salad.  I ate a tine of raw veggies while waiting for dinner as well.  Thank goodness I got some veggies in today.

It's 7:08 and I am going to bed soon.  I am such a grandma.  But a grandma that wakes up reeeeaaalllly early.  :)

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