Friday, October 7, 2011

Life is busy

I feel like my life is crazy these days!  Since I didn't get a post in yesterday I will do a little re-cap of the past 24 hours.  Yesterdays workout started out with twenty minutes on the stairmaster. 

Then gpp:

Three rounds of:

1 min hollow rock (count reps down + back =1)
1 min hanging side ups  (count reps R + L = 1)
1 min weighted situps (close body) 15/20 (count reps)
1 min weighted back extensions 7/12 (count reps)
1 min reverse burpee 15/20 (count reps)

Rest 1 min between each round.
The clock does NOT stop between exercises.

Holy smokes.  This one was harder than it looks.  My core was definitely feeling it.

Then I did a little chest.

Bench press-15
DB press-15
DB incline fly's-15

When I got home I shoved a oat ball in my mouth as fast as I could before having a normal breakfast. 

I have seen these all over blogland but just threw what I had on hand in them.  These ones had raw oats, agave, peanut butter, almond butter, chopped cocoa almonds, coconut, craisins, and raisins.  Too bad I didn't have any dark chocolate to throw in.  These are a great pick up snack, pre workout fuel, or post workout fuel.  

One of my on the go snacks.  These bars are great.  Lots of protein, not too many calories, zero sugar, (But ya know that is not really true.  It's "fake" sugar in there but still.  Any sweetener isn't the best.)  I think protein bars can be good and bad.  Good for a once and awhile pick me up snack.  Not good if you are eating them everyday like candy bars.  :)  Just my opinion.

It's a good thing I take lot's of vitamins because my vegetable intake has been really low the last two days.  For lunch I made myself eat vegetables and protein.  Eggs with a salad and veggies on the side.  I actually liked it.  They didn't taste as bad as they sounded at the moment.  I really do love vegetables....some days I just feel off and the thought of vegetables is no good.

We went over to my sisters a little later for my nieces b day.  Isn't that cake cute?  I shared a little cake and ice cream with the plumber below.

You can't blame him.  He sees his daddy's crack all the time.  He thinks he's in style.  He pulls down his own pants just so it will show.  If ya got it, flaunt it.

Lets move onto this morning.  I had all hopes of going to spin this morning.  But I slept in.  Oops.  I got to the gym around six fifteen.  Weird how that's sleeping in.  I wanted to workout back today.  Here's what I did:

Lat pulldowns-15
Single leg back row with pulley-10 each side
*repeat four times

Incline Prone reverse dumbell fly's-15
Barbell row-20
*repeat four times

T-bar row-15
repeat three times

I threw in a couple of pull ups between sets.  After lifting I made myself do cardio since I skipped spin.  1 hour on the stairmaster.  I was good after five minutes but I made myself do it.  Once twenty minutes passed I was good to go.  I felt great afterwords and didn't regret it!

Shake this morning was coconut water, unsweetened almond milk, chocolate protein powder, and ice.  Straight up good.

We didn't have anything on the agenda for this morning.  What?  A free morning?  That is unheard around here.  We took full advantage.  The girls and I did our toes and the little man looked on with jealousy.

We wanted to do Halloween toes.  Olive and I stuck with that.  Lucy of course changed her mind when she saw the silver/pink fishnet.  Olive did purple/black horizontal stripe for Halloween and I did Halloween words.  My girls love when I do their toes. 

Hopefully going out on a date tonight!  Crossing my fingers.

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