Sunday, October 9, 2011

10.3 miles

Yesterday morning I was planning on going on a run with my sister.  When I woke up it was cold and dark and raining.  I texted her, "you still want to go?"  She replied, "sure, maybe we will only end up doing two miles but let's test it out."  So I drove over her way and forced myself to get out of my warm car.  I. was. freezing.!  We started out and I felt OK but a little sluggish.  Thankfully I was warm by mile one and got to take off my jacket.  We decided since it wasn't raining hard we would try and do ten.  I felt really great legs wise and lungs wise but my tummy was not feeling the greatest.  We finished at 10.3 miles with a eight thirty pace. 

After 10.3 miles

When I got home I continued to feel kinda yucky.  I made myself go to the gym and lift but was only there forty minutes.  I ran a couple errands with the fam feeling crappier by the hour.  By one o clock I was sick in bed and did not get out till the next morning.  Except to use the bathroom or to barf.  I had some kind of tummy flu and I'm sure running 10 + miles on top of it was not the best thing.  I feel much better now.  My hubs did bring me breakfast in bed this morning.  He thought I could use it after yesterday.  It was delicious!  Thanks baby.

Apparently he thought I needed lot's of calories in me.  :)

I did pretty good on my goals last week.  I ate less sugar, I got in plenty of water, lifted five days a week, and was obviously able to run by the end of the week.  I am going to make one goal this week.  I am going to do the no sugar thing again.  But that is going to be my one and only goal this week.  I need a detox from it.  So......I'll try.  We will see.  I am going to make this goal a hundred times and one time I will do it.

I'm trying out a new class tomorrow at the gym.  I might die.  Wish me luck!

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