Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No creative title here....

I made pumpkin pie and turkey chili today.  Fall is here.  I have loved the rainy weather we have had today.  Ask me again in four months how I am liking it and I will probably cuss.  Here's my workout of the day:


4 rounds for time:

800m run
20 bench dips
20 pushups (strict)
20 OH DB push press 15/20

Then I focused on tri's since I had already done a couple sets on that muscle group.

Rope high pulley tricep extension-15
Single arm tricep pull down on pulley-15 each arm (I don't use a handle on this one.  I hold onto the little black ball thing.)
Overhead press on pulley-15
*repeat three times

Tricep kickback on pulley-15 each arm (again, I just hold onto the little black ball)
Woodchoppers-15 each side
*repeat three times

Skull crushers on bench-10
Narrow grip chest press-10
Weighted sit ups-15
*repeat three times

Side Plank 15 each side
*repeat twice

I didn't do anymore cardio after the two miles in the gpp workout.  I came home and was starving.  I attempted to make pumpkin pancakes but failed miserably.  Really.  It was bad.  So I threw the batter in a cup and "baked" it in the microwave.  The result......?

A big pile of dog poo with a side of bananas and yogurt.  I know it looks really nasty but it actually was quite good and had the texture of cheesecake so I'm not complaining.  I really liked eating it for breakfast.  

Lunch/snack was a bowl of plain greek yogurt with Kashi on top.  I was not in veggie mood today.  As you can tell by what I ate next...

I snacked on pumpkin pie filling and whipped cream along with a protein bar all afternoon.  Oh man, it was excellent.  

When it came time for dinner I wasn't that hungry from a belly full of pumpkin but I tried to eat a little bit of "real" food.  I had turkey chili in the crockpot so I grabbed a little bowl and made myself eat it.

Then I got to go to my first guitar lesson.  I have been wanting to take guitar forever and finally got all set up.  I was nervous to have a guy for a teacher but he was way normal in my book.  Long hair, thrift store shirt, a couple tats, just the kinda guy I feel comfortable around.  I am serious here.  He felt just like one of my old friends and I am excited to go back.  I couldn't think of a better fit for a teacher for me.  Hopefully I can pick up on it pretty easily.

As I was driving home I really, really, really, wanted to go on a short run in the rain.  I love running in the rain...not the wind or snow but the rain I love.  The hubs said it was OK if I went so I went home and changed and took off out the door.  It was a gorgeous evening.  I felt great.  It was a great way to end the day.

Here is a sweaty picture for your enjoyment.  Some of it was rain...most of it was sweat.  :)  But it's definitely a happy momma.


  1. I am so VERY impressed with this blog. It inspires me. Thank you so much for including GPP. And thank you for this content.

  2. Thanks Neil! I love your workouts...they kick my butt all the time. Everytime! Thanks for posting them daily!