Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You're never going to believe this.....

Lets start with the workout and get it out of the way...I dd this gpp workout today:

AMRAP in 25 min of:
25 KB juggles 25/35
25 tick-tocks R 25/35
25 tick-tocks L 25/35
25 V-ups
25 back ext
25 Aussie pullups

Then I wanted to focus on just legs since I haven't done that in awhile.  Here's what I did:

100 walking lunges

Squats on smith machine-15 (add more weight each set)
Bridges-20 (add a dumbbell on hip for more intensity)
Jumping sumo squats-15 (holding a 25 pd plate)
*Repeat 3 times

Barbell deadlifts-15
Single leg lunge on ball-15 each leg
Sled-10 (use really heavy weight)
*Repeat 3 times

Wall sit- 1 minute
Glutes/Hamstrings prone on ball with weight between feet-15
*Repeat 3 times

To finish off I did thirty minutes of sprints.  One minute off, one minute on, for thirty minutes.  My sprints were at a 9.5 today.  I was a sweaty mess and my legs were tired!

Breakfast was the usual protein shake with a little piece of what I like to call "post workout chocolate cake."  Gasp!  Cake for breakfast?  It is full of whole grains and protein.  I'm not worried about it people.

Snack was dehydrated apple chips dipped in peanut butter.....this was so good.  I felt like I was eating dessert once again.

 *Yes, I ate more than one sleazy apple chip with pb.  More like twenty.  :)

See that fat little thing sneaking a peek at the camera below?  Well today it was his first birthday.  That is my twin brothers little boy Hank (aka, hank the tank, hankopotomus, hankie panky, hankster).  Happy Birthday buddy!!!

I got to go up and help his mommy make his cake.  She wanted a monster theme going on so here is what we pulled out of our arses.  A crazy cyclops...and cookie monster cupcakes.  I could not get the monsters eye right for the life of me.  I was kinda on one today.  Here's the part your not going to his party there was peanut m&m's, riesens, (my husband ate about 75 of these and claims it is my fault because I introduced them to him.  Right, just like I introduced Lindsay Lohan to alcohol) airheads, salt water taffy, popcorn, soda, cupcakes, ice cream, and dunford chocolate donuts.  I ate one...yes one, peanut m&m, and about a fourth a cup of diet soda.  That is so not me who loves the suga but I was so stoked. 

However, I did eat this baby while the cake making was going on.  Whoever invented rainbow chip frosting should go straight to heaven.  Combine any frosting with honey grahams=pure taste bud bliss.  It was a total party in my mouth.  

I did convince myself to eat some real food while baking so I whipped up 4 egg whites, threw them on corn tortillas with homemade salsa and I had myself a yummy lunch!

I had about ten more pieces of healthified chocolate cake topped with peanut butter while making dinner.  Ok, maybe not ten but pretty close.

Dinner was a chicken sandwich with a side of fresh tomatoes.  I stuffed this down before running out the door to the party. 

I suck at doing any sort of braid on myself and finally just learned how to french braid my girls hair.  It is no easy task for me.  When I accomplished this braid today (do I dare say I thought it was easy as well) I was proud of myself and had to brag.  I mastered a braid!  Hallelujah.

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