Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Unfortunately I was up at about 4:00 am this morning.  My baby got his shots yesterday and was not feeling the best.  I got him out of bed and brought him to bed with me.  I finally rolled out of bed about 4:35 and got ready to hit the gym.  Gpp today was shoulders but since I worked those yesterday I skipped it and did my own thing.  Here is today's workout:

Body ball push ups-15
Push-ups-till failure
Cable leg extensions-15 each leg
Step plyos-one minute
*do all four things fast then rest 30 seconds

Dumbell press on ball-15
Half crow push ups-10
Jump squats-15
Warrior pose with tricep hold-30 seconds each leg
*Do all fast then rest 30 seconds

Hanging abs-15 each side
Static lunge with lateral shoulder raise-10 each side
Side step plyos-one minute
*Do all of these fast then 30 second rest

Pike pushup-20
Squats with glute raise-10 each leg
Dropsies-10 each leg
Jump rope- one minute
*Fast...then rest
**This workout is a workout from Jillian Micheal's "Making the cut."

Bench dips with feet in TRX-20
Bicycle crunches on TRX-100
Scorpion pushups-30

Then I did three set of this:

Push ups on the TRX-10
Tricep extension on pulley-15 each arm
Tricep kickback on pulley-15 each arm
Sprint-one minute

I finished off weights with some abs on the TRX and wood choppers on the pulley.

For cardio:
One mile stairmaster
One mile row
One mile stairstepper (I did this backwards so I could talk to my gym girls behind me on there machines).  :)


Breakfast was two scoops protein, kale, 1/2 a banana, ice, and water blended to perfection.

I was up at my parents at snack time and my mom had homemade salsa.  This stuff was drinkable.  So I happily had some chips and salsa for my snack.  That is how many chips are in one serving.  I counted them out and ate one serving then I put the bag away!  If the bag stays out...I will eat them all.  Once the bag is out of sight it is out of mind.  It was a fabulous snack and.....

My madre let me fill up a Tupperware to take home with me!  Hooray....thanks mom!  I'm in love with it obviously.

Lunch was 4 egg whites and 1 yolk on a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin.  I toasted the bread, put a little smart balance and honey on it then threw on the eggs.  It hit the spot.  I was craving toast!

My afternoon snack will be a blender bottle shake..(just a scoop of protein and water) and then we are going out tonight!  Bring on the food!

I am in love with this multi color chevron design!  These are my feet made awesome looking by Jamberry Nails.  This is one of the many cute new fall designs!  Love, love, love!

Have any of you tried Jillian Micheal's workouts?  Did you like it?
*I love her workouts...she kicks my trash.

Do you like fall or spring more?
* I can't decide...I just love the change in seasons!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Jillian. Great workouts but some of them can be so hard! Cute toes by the way. I'll have to get me some. :)

  2. Yes...all the new designs are up at jamberrynails.com. Let me know if ya want any!

  3. Oh my gosh, love the chevron. I need to get some asap. Also, love your egg, honey toast sandwich...sounds so good i'm going to make one right now.