Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love weekends, except when......

my husband leaves me!  Boo.  :(  I must say, I am used to it by now (he is the scout master) but I still don't like it.  I kinda like the guy and my weekends with him are precious.

Lets start out with yesterday.  I went to the gym in the morning and lifted chest hard!  I am sore.  But I also skipped out on cardio.  So....tonight I plan on going for a run.  Now that I said it I have to do it right?  If anyone wants to join me I would love the company.

I have eaten like crap the last 24 hours.  But I am cutting myself some slack because I was sulking.  Remember the husband was leaving me?


I came home from the gym yesterday and made the biggest pumpkin pancake I have ever seen.  That is a full size plate and the thing filled it right up.  I topped it with a thin layer of plain greek yogurt and some pumpkin pie spice.  I only ate about half of it before my little guy wanted it and he finished the rest.  He is always stealing my food.

Then it was off to the store to get food for the hubs.  Have any of you tried this snack mix for your kids?  Goodbye goldfish....hello bunnies.  We have had the other bunnies before (the plain cheddar, chocolate, honey, etc) but have never tried this snack mix.  The flavor is sooo good.  It has pretzels and two kinds of cheddar bunnies.  It is for my kids but I sneak it sometimes.  :)  The ingredients are not bad either considering it comes in a box.

Back to the shopping trip.  I bought my husband so much food he didn't want to pack it all.  They were backpacking and anyone who has ever been backpacking knows it is best to pack light.  I told him I bought so much because c'mon, he was going with twelve year olds who have no idea how to pack let alone how much.  He called my from the top of this mountain about noon today praising me and my abilities.  He fed two extra boys who brought almost nothing to eat for the 24 hours they would be gone.  Isn't the scout motto "be prepared?"  Moms are prepared people...not scouts.

I ate a protein bar at the store that was so sweet I wanted to die.  It was not that great but I was starving and it did the trick.

For lunch I ate healthy because I was in the middle of making s'more bars...again for the scouts, and kept picking at them.  I also knew I was going out that night so I tried to eat somewhat of a healthy lunch.  2 egg whites, cottage cheese, and veggies.

I stole the corner.  Worth. every. bite.  I always still the edges.  They are the best part and I will fight people for them.  I will.  So don't push me.  I will post this recipe tomorrow along with the pumpkin pancake recipe.

My dinner.  I don't think I can say much else.  It was amazing.  My sweet neighbor got sitters for the both us, (her husband was on the same excursion) and we went out.  I had a great time although I probably talked her ear off and didn't let her get two words in.  Sorry Suzanne!  We went to a local restaurant that uses all fresh and in season produce.  I got the braised short rib on polenta with horseradish sauce.  I have ordered this before and I will have it again.  But I did try something new...ciabatta bread with beets and yogurt sauce.  So so good.  I was in heaven.  I know beets are kind of an acquired taste and I have for sure acquired it. Suzanne also loves beets and our husbands don't...we were meant to be friends.

She also got the braised short rib and then she ordered the grilled corn on the cob that I have been wanting to try.  It was probably the best thing I have ever eaten in my whole existence.  Really.  I need to go back three times a week for the drenched in butter and salt grilled corn.  Yum!  I enjoyed every bite and let myself just enjoy it.  My husband would be proud.

After dinner I ran to get the hubs he has a surprise waiting for him when he comes home.  I bought a pair not too long ago and have really been impressed with them.  He has been wanting them ever since.

Then Suzanne convinced me to go see a movie.  I must be a good friend because I detest movie theaters.  I like to be snuggled up on my couch with treats of my choice, a snuggle buddy, and a pause/rewind button.  I do not like being around people who are commenting, chewing popcorn, chomping ice, opening candy..etc.  I know I sound like a bratty weirdo.  However....I do enjoy going occasionally to change things up.  I was actually excited to go this time.  You should have heard the people we sat by.  After every preview they would boldly and loudly ask everyone in the theater what they thought about it?  They commented the whole movie...loudly.  I'm they were trying to get the people in the theater to agree/disagree with their opinions.  I so wished I had a taser.  Boom!  Take em right out.  But at least the movie was good.  Suzanne, I really did have fun....I promise. 

Breakfast this morning was toast with almond butter and bananas.  I made oatmeal for the kiddos but the little guy wanted mine.  Again....

He is happy now that he has my food.  He was a mess.

trailmix, chocolate, and crackers.  Fabulous.  Come home darling so I can stop sulking!!!

What ya lookin at under that car?

Oh, this little guy.  We some him run in from the street and under the car.  So we went to investigate and there he was.  He hung out in that general area for about ten minutes before we went inside.  He may still be there now.

Neighbors beware!  I actually thought he was adorable and secretly wanted to catch him and name him Dennis just like my three year olds stuffed rat that she adores.  But this was just a mouse.  And I figured he was best out of my house.  If I saw him inside my house all his adorableness would disappear in an instant and he would be evil, nasty, and doomed to death.  Period.

Wish me luck on my run.  Something tells me I am not going to want to go come eight o clock pm.  :)

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  1. I'm rolling! Loved it all! Thanks for coming out with me last night. I'll send you the picture I took so you can add it. I think you're an awesome friend and had so much fun with you. I'm still laughing about the theatre incident. Annoying Girls!!!! I'll come with you tonight depending in how Chris feels after he gets home.

    Ps. You sent food with Joey? Oops, I didn't even think about that. Chris probably starved.