Thursday, September 15, 2011

My three year old is so appropriate

The alarm went off, I got up.  It was really hard today but I did it.  At the gym I attempted to do gpp:

Three rounds of:

1 min hollow rock (count reps down + back =1)
1 min hanging side ups  (count reps R + L = 1)
1 min weighted situps (close body) 15/20 (count reps)
1 min weighted back extensions 7/12 (count reps)
1 min reverse burpee 15/20 (count reps)


My tailbone is rubbed raw from some abs earlier this week so I wasn't able to do all of it.  I did one full round and then skipped the weighted sit ups and reverse burpees for the sake of my bum.  :-)  Then I whipped out the TRX and worked back and biceps.  My workout was kind of all over the place this morning so I don't have exact reps/sets.  On the TRX I did:

Back rows
Bicep curls
One armed bicep curls
Y deltoid fly
Hamstring curls
Bicycle crunches
Oblique crunches
*I threw in a couple of lat pulldowns, dumbbell bicep curls, and biceps curls on the pulley.  Then it was off to cardio for a good 45 minutes on the stairmaster.  Barf.

When I walked in the door I was starving!  I mixed up a quick protein shake in my blender bottle of just protein and water.  I added a side of egg whites and salsa with blueberries to top it off.  I was still hungry.  ***I am pretty sure I ate my body weight in dark chocolate chips and almonds after breakfast.  Not positive...but pretty sure.

I then had the fun opportunity of getting my three year old to do her "homework."  If she does her homework she gets a treat from her teacher.  But her homework is optional.  However, older sissy does it so she must too!  I told her too try and write her name on the top.  I wrote it for her first and then told her to try.  There was a big funny frog on her worksheet stealing her attention.

Mom: "Ok, write an O."
Olive: "Ok, I gunna write it on the froggies bee-jay."  (we say VJ in our house for you know what).
Mom: "Uh, I don't think your teacher will like that...just write it on the line."
Olive: "No...the beejay!  Ok, the line."

When we were filling out her preschool form it asked to state any concerns or things the teacher should know about.  I wrote, " Olive sometimes says things that are inappropriate.  Please let me know if this happens."  So far at school we are good but things like this happen at home all the time.  I laugh.  All. the. time.!  Can't wait for the day when she tells her teacher she is going to write her "O" on some amphibians VJ.  Fabulous.  She turned it in.  She got her treat + a smiley.  All is well.

Lunch is undocumented but my mom graciously let me eat the rest of her salad while at her house.  Lettuce, sunflower seeds, celery, peppers, cashews, and who knows what else.  It had some sort of Asian dressing and was excellent. 

After my sugar coma from this morning and after stealing a bite of my five years olds, and one year olds donuts....a protein shake was a good enough snack.

I have never used kale in my shakes but I know that it is excellent for you.  Here's the problem, it looks like it belongs at the aquarium in a fish tank, and it smells like a fish tank.  Really.  Smell it.  But then you see the benefits:

*high in fiber
*lowers your risk for bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate cancer
*lowers cholesterol
*high in antioxidants
*has anti-inflammatory nutrients
*cardiovascular support
*One portion of kale has only 36 calories and it provides a massive 192% of your daily vitamin A needs.
*A daily portion of kale provides an amazing 89% of your daily vitamin C requirement.
And the list goes on.  Seriously, it's good stuff.  So I put the plant that belongs in a fish bowl into my blender and whipped up a shake.

Here is my huge shake with the peach eating monsters in the background begging to have some.  They never know what secret vegetable is hidden in there.  They love those shakes.

The Verdict:  It was excellent.  I was shocked.  I was really scared to taste it thinking I might gag but I couldn't taste fish poo at all.  It was just like spinach and full of great stuff.  My huge shake had around 265 calories and about 39 grams of protein!

Dinner was a turkey tenderloin with sweet potatoe and a salad.  The dressing was balsamic, and jalapeno yogurt dip.  I had trail mix for dessert to top it off.

I get to go to bed now in fresh clean sheets.  My fav!


  1. Love the new blog Lynds! And kale makes me gag too. I hate the stuff!

  2. Ha,Ha, Lyns you make me laugh! Loved this post and love that little Olive. Your protein shake looked yummy, for real.