Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am sore

This whole week my alarm has been going off at 4:50 am.  I hope I can adjust to this early work out schedule.  I thought my schedule before was early but not like this.  I seriously go to bed at eight thirty every night.  My workout today went something along the lines of this:

BB Bicep curls (7 bottom to half, 7 half to top, seven full)
Standing lat pull downs with straight arms-15
Abs on lat pulldown machine (I'll have to post a video to this sometime)-15
* I did three rounds of this with a sprint in between each round

BB back rows-15
DB bicep curls-15
Reverse fly's-15
*Again, three rounds with a sprint between each round

Back extensions-20
Hanging abs-10 center, 10 each side
Tick-tocks-20 each side
*I did two round of this

Then came gpp:
5 rounds for time:
10 manimals (see below)
400 m. run

It was tough but it felt great.  That combined with the trail run that was straight up, and spin legs are a tinsy bit sore.  

I had to take a picture of the family's protein shakes.  :)  My kids always want one with their breakfast and so does the hubby.  We go through a lot of protein!

7:00 am...chocolate peanut butter oatmeal.
1/3 cup raw oats
1 scoop chocolate protein
1 Tb peanut butter = a perfect chocolatey breakfast for a time of the monther. * I also ate half an oatmeal raisin cookie.  dang.

10:00 am..half and apple and string cheese.

12:30 pm...4 egg whites, peppers, cilantro, salsa in a La Tortilla Factory wrap.

1:30 pm...a chocolate protein banana muffin....recipe coming soon!
3:30 pm...a small bowl of Kashi Crunch
5:30 pm...what I call a Fajita salad.  Sauteed chicken, peppers, corn, over lettuce.  Add on a side of salsa and 1 Tbs fat free sour cream and it was delicious.  Oh..dont forget the green beans!  I was hungry all day today.  I hate being a girl sometimes.

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