Friday, January 13, 2012

It's the freakin weekend

I am soooooo excited for the weekend to be here.  Not so excited that my Saturday is jammed packed full.  I dislike Saturday's like that.  I got to bed late last night because I had another meeting with my sissies but even on five hours of sleep I still made it to spin.  I have sucked at working out this week though so its the least I could have done.  Workout of the day:



-Complete 6 rounds of each triplet.  Each triplet is done individually. 
12 back squats 45/65
12 biceps curls 45/65
12 OH BB press (strict) 45/65
30 sec rest
12 straight leg deads 45/65
12 skull crushers 45/65
12 v-ups (slowly 3-0-3-0)
30 sec rest
Then I did supersets of:

Weighted sumo squats-15
*repeat four times

Reverse Lunges on ball-15 each leg  (Sorry the video is sideways?)
Hamstring roll in on ball-15
*repeat three times

Breakfast looks appetizing eh?  I REALLY need a new camera.  And for some reason I was craving that darn carrot.  I do not know why.  This was 3 egg whites+1 whole egg with salsa.

My kiddos enjoying their hot cocoa that they have been begging for since Wednesday.  I finally caved.

One of my favorite snacks is this.....2 plain brown rice cakes, 1 tbs almond butter, and 1/3 banana.  Yum!

Afternoon snack was air popped popcorn with a little olive oil and sea salt and a protein shake.  I thought I would leave you with a nice picture of myself right out of the shower.  Non styled hair sans make-up and all.  :)  This could be blackmail people.  Be nice.

Have a happy healthy weekend!  We will be having a crazy one over here.

PS.....just realized I didn't really eat lunch today.  Oh well....I'm going out tonight so I will make up for all the calories.  No worries!

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