Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I dont know what my deal is.....

But I am on a sugar binge.  It all started last night when I was working on our new Spring/Summer catalog with my sisters.  Thanks Keri for all the treats!  Given I don't eat crazy amounts but too much for me to feel good about it.  It has got to stop people.  How....I don't know.  :)

Workout today.....I made it to spin a little late so I only got about a half hour in.  However, it was one sweaty half hour.  I felt good about that.  Next up was this gpp workout:

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes preform:
10 thrusters

Yowzers.....my shoulders were feeling it.  But I wanted to work them a little more so I did a couple more things one of which was running the rack.

Running the rack:
Overhead DB press.....repeat three times

Threw in some abs to end and called it a day.

My eating today was sooooo off track.  I hardly ate any veggies and I could tell in the way I feel.  I ate to much crap and too many carbs.  B-fast was peanut butter banana oatmeal.  Delicious, even if I did have to break halfway through to clean up poopy jammies.  Barf.

For lunch I had a quarter of my kiddos sandwiches.  Turkey and cheese......

Along with half a sweet potaote with chocolate on top.  Then I ate Hershey's kisses and animal crackers.  Awesome!

One day I will be able to go a full day without eating these pancakes.  I had the cinnamon protein pancakes for a snack.  These fill me up.

Salad with chicken on top for dinner with a sweet potato and one little fingerling.  I never eat ranch but today I was craving it so I gave my body what it needed.  Haha...ya right.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.  I need to lay off the chocolate and animal crackers.  :)  It's not even the weekend.  Sheesh!

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