Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crazy weather..

This weather is awesome.  I know we probably need the snow and all but I can't help but enjoy myself a little.  Today we spent a good hour and a half at the park.  Kids were wearing short sleeves.  It's crazy.  It definitely does not feel like January but it is really pleasant.

Last night was spent with one child throwing up and two in our bed with Jose and I all night.  Not a good night.  Needless to say, the gym was out of the question for me this morning.  I did end doing 100 pushups and 100 dips in my living room this morning.  I'm hoping to get to the gym tonight as soon as Jose is home.  Please babe???  Maybe some weights?  Intervals?  Spin?

Breakfast today was so goooooood.  A little plain greek yogurt, topped with a little raw oats, unsweetened coconut, and half of a baked apple with cinnamon.  Yum!!!

Gettin our workout on.  He always "helps" me by climbing all over me while doing push-ups.  Thanks dude.  This picture is absolutley sick.  Why does my nose look so big?

We took our lunch to the park.  I snuck in some animal crackers and nutella before we left.  I popped some air popped popcorn and added a little olive oil and sea salt to it.

That's what I snacked on at the park.  Along with an orange.

After my animal cracker/popcorn binge I had a light snack.  Two hard boiled eggs, one ginormous carrot, and a few apple slices.

L chose the dinner menu for tonight.  She wanted fettucini alfredo, sweet potatoes, and asparagus.  I sprayed the asparagus with pam and sprinkled on a little sea salt and then roasted it.  She loved it.  We all loved it.  I made the fettucini with brown rice noodles.  My kids don't even notice a difference.

I had some talapia with sweet potato and asparagus.  Now I want dessert.  But I am making myself not eat it.  :(

Spin at five thirty tomorrow.  Better get my butt there.  PS.....I know I need a new camera.  One day.

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