Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a brand new year!

I'm back!!!  Finally.  We had a fabulous holiday season.  My husband has been home for most of the last two weeks and we have had so much fun just being together and hanging out.  We had a bunch of parties.  Too many.

These pictures are from our Jamberry Nails Christmas party we did for our employees.

Can you tell were sisters?

The "boss" in his Christmas attire.

Me and my twin brother.  People think were a couple all the time.  We do look good together.

We did a raffle and played a white elephant game.  I think it was a little inappropriate for the sixteen year old employee we have but it was fun.  We came home with a "queef-o-nator" and a nighty.  Awesome.  That queef-o-nator made it to my family's white elephant and some fighting went down over it.  My bro ended up with it.  Lucky.

We have made so much yummy food/treats.  And eaten way too much.  But that's what the holidays are for right?  I saw these roasted chickpeas online and made some up.  They were good warm but not so good cold.

Christmas eve we made all sorts of yummy pizzas and I forgot to take pictures!!!!  I got one.  This was the roasted pepper and goat cheese pizza.  We also made a chicken peanut satay pizza, pear and Gorgonzola, salami and cheese, etc.  It was good and will be a tradition from now on.

S'mores cookies were also on the list of yummy things to make.  I think I ate five.  FIVE.  Goodness.

These were so good.  Cranberry bliss bars like the ones they have at Starbucks.  I devoured these as well.

The things I contributed to our New Years Eve party.  Jose couldn't keep his hands out of the dip.

We left cookies for Santa and danced silly till bedtime.  We left out carrots and oats for the reindeer.  And............

Santa came!!!  I look sleepy eh?  Santa brought the girls what they wanted and brought P a new car seat and shopping cart.

But his all time favorite present was his own little box of goldfish he got in his stocking.  He loves "tish".  He was one happy camper.  :)

He planted himself on my booty during one of our parties and sat like that for a good couple of minutes.  It nice and soft.  Who can blame him?

He is just like his daddy and is obsessed with computers.

Now that the holidays are over we can finally get back into our normal groove.  Unfortunately that means waking up early which hasn't happened in about two weeks.  Ugh.

What are your new years resolutions?  Jose and I have decided one of ours is to eat more locally grown food and buy meat from local farmers.  Maybe start our own farm?  We really would if we had a bigger yard.  One day.  If you think I'm crazy go watch this and you won't think I'm crazy anymore.  I have never heard my husband say the f word till this movie.  :)  Haha...made me laugh.

Workout today was deltoids and spin.  Just so ya know.  I'm hoping some normalish posts will be coming.

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