Saturday, November 19, 2011

A night away...

This weekend I got to go spend a night in Park City with three other awesome peeps.  Good thing I did spin on Friday morning and lifted cuz I ate a lot this weekend!

Our routine trip picture that we take.  Always!

Have any of you ever been to World Market?  I love that store for their chocolate selection.  I have been waiting for two weeks to get my most favorite candy bar.  I didn't eat hardly any treats all week so I could enjoy the whole dang thing.  Guess what?  I got there and it was discontinued.  WTF?!!!  We still made out with quite a stash.  

This pic is sick.  But I was so disappointed. I settled on a regular flake instead of a snowflake bar.  I still have half of it left.  Had it been the snowflake it would have been gone!

The hotel we stayed at was amazing.  We have stayed there before and will stay there for every trip to Park City.  It is really nice and cozy and modern.  Love it!

I had to post this pic because Jose looks like such a perv who can't wait to get me into that room.  :)  Babe...what is that face your making?  Haha.

Our lovely room....

And bathroom....

This suite had two big bedrooms, fireplaces, two big bathrooms, a family room, laundry room, kitchen, and it's own private hot tub on the balcony.

We went to the Loco Lizard Mexican restaurant.  It was pretty good but I was really hungry and anything would have been good.  The chips and salsa were awesome.

Marcus's chimichanga was the size of my thigh.  It was ginormous.  He was the only one with leftovers.  We cleaned house.

I ordered the tacos al pastor.  They were really yummy although I could only eat one after two diet sodas and chips and salsa galore.  Everyone else helped me finish them off.  Thanks guys.  What good friends you are.

We got the fried ice cream to share.  Um...Yum!  The boys ate most of it but I had my share.  Believe me.

Ahhhhh, so happy together.  Give us ten more years and we will probably sitting at separate tables.  :)

In our room there s this window that looks into the bathroom.  Shower, tub, and toilet are all visible.  Is that so weird?  I know.  We had some good times playing peeking tom though.  Want to see a visual?  No?  Oh come on....just really it is.......

Oh poor Marcus.  Now this pic is on the world wide web and smart phones across the globe.  Sorry.

Yep...we're in a theater.  Yep...opening night.  Yep...Breaking Dawn.  Meghan wanted to go see this movie so bad so we all went with her.  I have not liked one of the twilight movies and this one wasn't any better.  I did have a good time though because is impossible not to have a good time with these peeps.

We went out to sit in the hot tub and put our feet in and it was 106.  Oops... a little to hot.  So we waited for it to cool down.  I froze on the side.  We dumped snow and ice in it and it cooled down.

The hubs did snow angels on the deck to cool down.'s not like he was dared or anything.

I got out first.  I wrapped up in one of their robes, took off my wet suit, sat on the couch and ate High Chews while watching crap on TV.  Who knows what time Marcus and Joey finally got out of the tub together but Mego and I fell asleep on the couch.  Sheesh...thanks boys.

It was so nice to get a full nights rest without kids waking us up.  I missed my babies though.  I got up and felt so refreshed.  There is a Kneaders connected to out hotel so we just hit that up for breakfast.

It sucks really bad when your husband spills a whole glass of water on you just as your food arrives.  Mego can vouch for that one.

Mmmmmmm,  I ordered the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.  I had them put it on whole wheat bread with no butter and had them do egg whites.  It was seriously so good.  Then hubs comes and sites down and puts a chocolate filled croissant on my plate.  Thanks babe....good to know your prefer me a little chubby.  :)

Thanks for the fun night was a blast!

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  1. Love it! I love the potty picture Luke and I were laughing so hard! This post totally made me miss the snow. We're like 80 degrees today! BTW the baby is due on Thanksgiving but I don't think she is budging. Nothing is going on down there. :(