Monday, November 21, 2011


I started to get a pain in my outer arch yesterday.  When I woke up this morning it was killing I could barely walk.  But it was didn't hurt to push on it, just to do the walking bending toe motion.  And it hurt when I lifted it off the floor.  Has anyone else had something similar?  I was really angry when I got out of bed because I have three days to get a good workout in this week.  Three.  And I can barely walk.  Sweet.  Soooooo, that on top of my mom getting injured at the gym, the workout kinda blew this morning.  I usually do squats on the Smith Machine when my mom is working out with me.  Well today we did free standing squats and when she lifted the bar off the pegs she lost her balance.  She threw out her back and i think her hand is broken.  She says it isn't but it was black and blue and so swollen.  This was out first exercise, first set.  Judas.  Bad luck today....

Here is what I did:

30 minutes on stairmaster

Squats-10 heavy
Inner thigh raises-50 each leg
*repeat three times

Quad burnout on Leg Extension
Wall sit till failure

Glute raises-15
One legged squats-10 each leg
*reapeat two times

I threw in some abs in there somewhere but my workout was not very hard today.  My foot is feeling a little better so maybe tomorrow?

I got sidetracked today doing something very important.... 

Yes, I got all my Christmas decorating done.  I don't decorate a lot but at least it's something.

My family has an annual pie night the Monday before Thanksgiving every year.  Everybody brings a pie and there is a couple of prizes for best tasting, most unique, best crust, etc.

I took a pumpkin, gingersnap, butterscotch, cream pie.  It was OK.  Not my favorite but pretty good.  My favorite was my sisters cranberry pie!  Yum.

This is not all of them.   More came and they go all the way down the counter.

We like to keep things as proper and classy as you can at our house.  So my brother brought a cow pie.  I didn't taste that one but it was some sort of mocha brownie and peeps said it was tasty.  Just need some Rocky Mountain Oysters to go along side of it.

We all look forward to pie night every year.  Thanks mom for the soup and bread and for hosting pie night every year.

Tomorrow I have a healthy and yummy (cuz that's important) Thanksgiving stuffing recipe for ya'll.  And hopefully a harder workout.  :)

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  1. What in the? I didn't even know both of you were injured tonight. I saw mom walking kind of weird and I wondered what was up with her, ha. You are so on top of the blogging! We just had pie night and your pics are up. Way to go. AND, you decorated for Christmas?? It looks awesome. Now you can come help me:)