Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend recap

We had a good/busy weekend.  Minus the fact that we are all still sick!  Mine has now moved into this chest thing.  Awesome.  Oh well, we will be better one day.

I did awesome on my no sugar all week so when the hubs and I went out Friday I couldn't wait to get ice cream.  I got the low fat kiddie size and ate the whole thing and it was worth every bite.  I am usually a lot more relaxed with my eating on weekends and this weekend was no exception.  I baked two batches of cookies...real cookies, not healthified ones.  High five for me.

My sister in law came down from Logan on Friday night so we got to hang out with her and her kids all day on Saturday.  I stayed up till one thirty talking with her and De.  When Sunday came I was one sick tired girl.

Let's recap some of the meals we had this weekend shall we?  Friday nights dinner was really random but really good.  It was really healthy and filling but I needed that ice cream we got after this dinner.

I cut some brussell sprouts and grapes in half, sprayed with pam, sprinkled on some fresh lemon juice, and salt and pepper.  

 Then I thought it might be good with nuts so I threw some pecans on there.  I placed this in a really hot oven 425 or so and baked/roasted for about 30 minutes.  I never knew roasted grapes could be so good.  

I really didn't know if I would like it but it was really good and I will definatley be making it again.  Joey really liked it too.

I was planning on a long run on Saturday but since I haven't been feeling the best I decided against it.  I did got to the gym and got a good workout in though.  I stayed busy all day and went to bed really late.

When Sunday rolled around I was pooped.  That afternoon I fell asleep and thought my hubs would wake me up when he got home from church but he didn't, ( I'm not complaining) and I slept for two hours!  When I woke up he was in the kitchen with soup on the stove and homemade whole wheat/oat bread about to go in the oven.  Hello....wanna spoon?  I am so lucky to have him.

He made me such a healthy dinner.  Split pea soup with spinach salad and his homemade bread.  Seriously....I wanted to make out with him.  Just sayin.

 He had to take off for a scout thing that evening so the kids and I went on a walk and then came home and sat on the porch.  That is the view from my front porch.  So gorgeous!

I got a good workout in this morning.  I warmed up with 20 minutes on the stairmaster and then went to the class I am trying out.  I was sweating good but don't know if I'll go back.  Unless it is spin classes just are not my thing I guess.  Have a good Monday!

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