Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well that sucked

My run absolutely sucked.  I think it was my all time hardest, crappiest, run to date.  I really wanted to do 13 miles.  Guess what?  I only did 8.25 and that was pushing it with all the strength I had in me.  It was pathetic.  I don't know what my deal was.  Maybe I am still recovering and weak from all my sickness, maybe it's cuz I haven't done a lot of cardio in the last two weeks, maybe it was the caffeine.  I'm guessing it was a combo of all of the above but it.was.hard.  My sister had to finish without me cuz I ran into my other sisters house begging, crying, pleading, for a ride to my car.  Weak sauce peeps.  At least I got some lifting in this morning.  Not much but better than nothing.  I worked back and biceps:

DB curls-20
Single leg DB row-15 each side
*repeat three times

Lat pulldowns-15
*repeat three times

Back row kneeling on bench with one arm on ball-15 each arm
*repeat three times

Bicep curl on pulley-15
One arm row on pulley-10 each arm
*repeat three times

Breakfast was super exciting.  A bowl of cereal and a blender bottle protein shake.

I knew I would get hungry while waiting for the little one at gymnastics so I packed an on the go snack.  This is one of my favorite snacks ever.  Apples and peanut butter.

Pre run I had some chips and salsa and a granola bar.  I didn't want to eat too much because I was worried but it was a crap shoot anyway so I should have just eaten a meal.

 Post run was a chocolate, banana, spinach, protein shake.  I was feeling really sick at this point, I'm thinking because of the caffeine overload....and couldn't finish this.  I haven't taken any caffeine in two weeks so it really affected me in a bad way.

I went to my guitar lesson and came home and laid on the couch wanting to barf.  I think I needed some real good calories in me.  So....

Hubs brought me one of these.  I ate half of it and drank some water and felt much better.  Food did my body good.  :)

I was going to ask who wanted to fold my pile of laundry but the hubs is doing it while I blog in bed.  He's a keeper...I'm tellin ya.

I don't have to wake up before five tomorrow!  Yay!  I'm sleeping in till six yo.

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