Thursday, October 20, 2011

Road trip

I woke up at six and hit the gym.  I made myself lift legs which is always hard but good.  I will try and remember what I did....

Back squats-10
*repeat 3 times

Static squats with DB-15 each leg
Bridges on bench with added weight-15
Deadlifts with BB-15
*repeat three times

Side lunges with 25 pd. plate-10 each leg
*repeat three times

Quad machine-till failure

Sled-10 with 200 added pounds
*repeat three times

I threw in some abs occasionally in between sets.  My friend Kristi who is also an instructor at the gym was going to do spin...not a class, just for cardio.  So I joined her and she kicked my trash.  I only did cardio for about twenty minutes though and then I took off.

 Breakfast.  Sometimes my pictures turn for me and sometimes they don't.  I made protein pumpkin pancakes and ate it with plain greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, and pumpkin pie spice.  So yummy.

Lunch was sushi shared with the hubs.  Winco has brown rice sushi!  I was stoked to discover this.  

We left today for a road trip to Colorado.  These are my road trip snacks....cuz ya know, I might starve in the four hours we were in the car.  Veggies, crackers, jerky, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and rice cakes.  We did have a couple other treats for our sweet tooth's that were bound to show up.

Of course I packed a stash of these in case I needed a quick meal.  I love these protein bars.

My diaper caddy makes and excellent snack holder for the car.  It made my trip so much more organized.  And the hubs truck stayed cleaner so it was a win win.

We take one of these pictures on every road trip we take.  So I had to post it of course.

"You hold the bag open and I will stuff them in your mouth."  Luc feeding Olls her suga.

I kinda got addicted to these little mints on the way down.  So yummy but not so good for me.  

Here is where we will be relaxing this weekend.  This beautiful house that is right up against the Colorado Monument.  Joey's aunt and uncle have graciously let us stay with them all weekend.  We have been meaning to come down forever and visit but we have been way to busy and it just hasn't happened.  But we are here and the party is just getting started. 

These guys are food snobs and I love it.  They know their food and always cook us great stuff.  They also have the best stories.  I could listen to them for hours.   We also seem to have a lot in common so the conversations are endless people.

We had turkey chili, salad, and bread for dinner upon our arrival.  It was so yummy.  Thanks Janet!

I polished it off with an M&M cookie.  It has been a great day and I am so excited to just hang out this weekend. 

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