Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The best weekend!

We seriously had the best time in Colorado.  We stayed with Joey's aunt and uncle Janet and Duane.  They spoil us...and spoil our kiddos even more.  We had such a good time exploring, relaxing, and eating the best food.  I ate good this weekend.  Really good.  Not clean....good.  I ate so much junk but it was awesome.  We enjoyed ourselves. 

This is my view from my bed in the morning.  We would open up the curtains and watch the sun light up the Colorado Monument.  Gorgeous.  Then out kids would scream from the other room and ruin the moment.  :)

I worked out Friday morning and then enjoyed this for breakfast.  That honey in the background is from Duane's bees.  He harvests it.  He gave us that whole jar to take home.  Friday afternoon we headed over to my cousin Mindy's house to let our kids play with her kids.  It was so good to catch up with her.

Janet and Duane watched all the kids that might so we could go to dinner with Mindy and Phil.  We hit up some Asian joint.  I ordered some sushi and the lemongrass chicken.  Sushi was good....

But this was nasty.  I only ate a couple of bites.  I filled up on sushi.  We of course got fro-yo after.  Having babysitters and lots of people to play with makes me want to make this trip 4 times a year!

Saturday morning we biked up the Colorado Monument.  It was quite a climb but not too bad.  The weather was gorgeous and so were the views. 

"Come on babe..you can make it."  This is at the beginning of the climb...probably a mile and half in or so.

Us.  I was doing great here.  My clips on my shoe came loose a little after this picture was taken.  My shoe was sliding around and being really annoying.  Fabulous.

I don't remember what this rock was called.  Maybe Independence Rock.  That sounds right.  I'm going with it.

This is us with Duane.  The pro biker.  I just get to darn scared on bike.  I don't know if I will ever be comfortable riding.  It is scary.  Is it not?

We saw lot's of these little guys.  The big horn sheep were out in full force.

Saturday night Mindy and Phil watched the kids and Janet and Duane took us to this yummy Italian restaurant.  We were there at five forty five and didn't leave till about eight thirty.  We had such a good time talking and listen to all of Duane's stories.  That guy is so animated you are never bored around him. 

Sunday we took the kids on a little hike to the Mushroom rocks.  They had so much fun climbing in out, up and over rocks.  I took too many pictures.

They are serious hikers.  They do not mess around.

Janet and Duane loving my babies.  They were so sweet with my kids and my kids want to move there now.  

I'm glad this little one didn't break a bone.  He was all over the place.  I thought for sure he was going to get hurt since he won't accept your help.  He does it himself!

And I'll leave you with this..............ya know, for your enjoyment.

This gives me the screamin thigh sweats.....as Duane would say.  Did I really just type that?  It's a joke peeps.

Thanks Janet and Duane for a fabulous weekend!

I gotta get going on my girls Halloween costumes.  I am way behind.  But excited for Halloween.  What are you or your kiddos being for Halloween?

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  1. WHAT is that pic of Jose?? AHHH? You probably won't even see this comment since you never look back at your old posts, but I'm just getting caught up on your blog and LOVE these photos. Looks like a blast. I want to come with next time:)