Wednesday, September 28, 2011

workouts and goals update...

This week has been absolutely crazy to the point of me wanting to pull my hair out.  This post will be boring and pretty picture-less but it's something.  I have been up late both nights this week and will be up again late tonight with friends.    Lets start with today's workout:

I warmed up with this workout from gpp:

6 rounds for time:

400 m run
25 V-ups
25 ea. lunge steps

It was a great warm-up and I was a sweatin.  Then I worked biceps:

4 rounds:

BB curls (7-bottom to middle, 7 middle to top, seven stopping.)
DB curls-15
Incline DB curls-15

3 rounds:

Crunches on ball with pulley-20
Lying bicep curls with seated row pulley-15 ( I really need to video this one but I really don't want to have someone videotaping me at the gym)  Maybe a picture??  We'll see.

Then I talked to friends for two hours or so before I made myself do cardio:

30 minutes on the Stairclimber to finish off.

 When I got home I was starving and a protein shake did not sound good.  So pumpkin protein pancakes it was.  Doesn't that syrup look like vomit?  Well it was good.  A little pumpkin, agave, and plain yogurt went in it and on top of my pancakes. 

Let's see how I am doing on my weekly goals shall we?  (I think I made too many)

1. No sugar... I should have said no sweets because I do get some sugar in my shakes and bars.  However, I have done really well on this one.  I ate one teensy bite of my husband cookie, and the middle of a cinnamon roll.  If you know me well you know cinnamon rolls are my weakness and when one of my hubs scouts brings me over warm cinnamon rolls to say thank you I had to eat the middle.  :)  No regrets. 

2.  Log 20 miles of cardio of choice, no walking...I am up to about 10 miles

3.  Lift five days this week...three so far.

4.  100 ounces of water every day... So far so good!

5.  No eating after 7 pm...I ate after seven last night.  We had girls night at my house and we made veggie spring rolls.  However, I did eat all veggies after seven.  Tonight we are having a big shindig here too so I will probably eat after seven again.  I gotta live peeps....I don't want to be the lame friend who never eats.

6.  Go on a date with the hubs...Still working on this one.

Ok, bear with me for a moment.  I have a bone to pick about this no sugar thing.  When I first got married I ate zero sugar or white flour.  Ever.  I remember one time when a few of my husbands friends invited us over for dinner.  They made lasagna.  Well I was the lame one who picked out the meat and sauce and tried not to make it look to obvious.  I just could not eat those noodles.  Well,  eventually it got to the point well going out with me wasn't all that fun.  I would never just go grab ice cream or a hot chocolate.  I was lame.  Then I got pregnant with my first baby.  I started to eat things I craved!  My husband loved me!!!  I would eat with him.  I know it is not healthy eating those things all the time but occasionally it doesn't hurt.  

What I am trying to get at is that you have to live life people.  Make goals....stick to them as best you can.  When it doesn't happen, don't stress.  Don't give up.  There is always tomorrow.  If your friends are going out....go!  And enjoy it.  Life is short.  I am still working on this.  I try to enjoy myself when I am eating out.  Sometimes I do, other times I feel the guilt creep in.  You can still be healthy and enjoy life.  So enjoy it when you have the chance.  Do I think you should always say yes to crap food?  No!  If I have already had ice cream that day I probably won't eat it at the birthday I'm at.  Or if I ate out for lunch I would probably turn down a dinner date.  Just make good choices.  Pick the things you enjoy.  Life is good. 


  1. Well said. I really liked your last paragraph. "If your friends are going out....go! And enjoy it. Life is short. ... Just make good choices. Pick the things you enjoy. Life is good. "

  2. Awesome goals! You're doing a great job.
    Did I just read that you had 2 parties at your house this week and I wasn't invited to either. How rude! ;)
    Let us know if you want some company on your date night.