Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly Goals....

Ok guys....After this weekend I have got to recommit.  This weekend was horrible and I am feeling it!  I ate horribly, I mean horribly.  I think that time of the month must be creeping up on me but that is no excuse.  Every Sunday I am going to do a post of all my goals for the coming week.  So here is this weeks goals.....

1.  No body needs a detox! (this might kill me...I love my sugs.)
2.  Log 20 miles of cardio of choice....but no walking.  Has to be hard.
3.  Lift five days this week
4.  100 ounces of water every day
5.  No eating after 7 pm.
6.  Go on a date with the hubs... :)

I will post next Sunday and see how much willpower I have. 

I got my run in last night.  My sis and I went 8.1 ish miles and averaged a 8:40.  I felt great that I- one....went that far, and two...that it was a good pace.  We had a lot of uphill as well.  I don't "run" all that often so it was a good change.  I will probably run more this week to log miles.  We'll see.

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