Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is it not the weekend yet??

This has been the longest week!  It has been a hard week for me...a really hard week.  I have had so much going on at every second and so many things to do.  I have had two get togethers at my house at my house and taken someone dinner.  Tomorrow I watching my niece and nephew...and the list goes on.  On top of that I have been really pms-ey and ornery as all get out!  Ahhhh, the poor people who live with me. 

However, I did make it to the gym this morning even after the late night I had last that's positive right?  Here's what I did:

I warmed up with gpp:

For time:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (reps)
pushups (strict)

Then I worked chest a bit:

DB chest press-15 (heavy weight)
DB fly's-15
Narrow grip BB chest press-15
1 minute sprint
*repeat three times

100 bicycle crunches
narrow pushups-10
1 minute sprint
*repeat three times

Tick tocks-20 each side
Pike pushups-15
Hanging abs-15
1 minute sprint
*repeat three times

**On the sprints I switched off sprinting on the treadmill and running the stairclimber.

Skipped cardio today.  Spin is in the morning!

Came home and had a coconut chocolate shake.  1 container coconut water, ice, 1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein, a handful of kale.  It was huge and good.

Good luck to all the St. George marathoners this Saturday.  You guys are all amazing!!  I made my friends who were doing it a little good luck goodie package.  Nothing fancy...just a lil' something...trailmix, protein bar, and an energy shot.  You guys are going to crush that race!

Yesterday I took my little ones to a local farm.  It was hot.  I packed lunch on the go....

Salad with veggies and chicken.  A little low fat cottage cheese and yogurt dip.  It was great except that all I want is chocolate since its that time ya know?

Cousins!  These guys are just a couple months apart and are going to be getting in to lot's of trouble.  I can't wait. 

The kiddos looking kinda wt.  My three year old always smiles like that.  What?  I dunno.

I made lot's of yummy food last night for dinner.  We had a couple people over for dinner and had a lot of people over after dinner.  On the menu:

Spring rolls with almond sauce
Rice Noodles with veggies and peanut sauce
Smore bars...again.

 To make the spring rolls you throw on a bunch of sliced veggies.  I used broccoli slaw, carrots, bean sprouts, avocado, red peppers, fresh basil, and fresh cilantro.  Then it roll it half way....

Fold the sides in...

Finish rolling it all the way up.!  Easy peasy.

Cut it in half so you can get maximum dippage in the sauce.

The finished product....these are my favorite.

And now for the sushi.

The spread.  Crab, crab/cream cheese mix, green onion, avocado, bean sprouts, basil, cilantro, lemon, broccoli slaw, carrots, (can also use cucumber, peppers, jalapenos.....etc).  I also have used raw tuna, raw salmon, and shrimp.  This was just crab for the little ones.

Do we make a big enough mess?  Sheesh!

My sushi is usually a lot prettier.  I let someone borrow my special bottles that squirt the sauce on all pretty and I never got them back.  So I didn't even try to go for presentation. 

I couldn't get enough of the veggies with almond sauce.  So good.  
Hopefully I can wake up and get my butt to spin.  All these late nights/early mornings are killing me!

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  1. Thank you thank you for having us over. That sushi was delish, seriously let's do it again. I'm sorry you're having such a bad week, I should have been a better friend and known that. Love those little marathon gifts you gave. So nice!