Friday, August 26, 2011

Sprints and water bottles

I convinced myself today that I was going to do cardio. I would much rather strength train all day long, but I know I gotta fit it in. I so hate that it is dark now when I wake up to go to the gym. Boo. Does anyone hate that? It always seems harder to get out of bed when the sun hasn't even woken up yet. Got to the gym and started in on GPP.

Shoulder Medley - 3 rounds

20 front raises 15/20
20 upright row 15/20
20 OH press 15/20

*I added a 400 meter sprint here

Triceps Medley - 3 rounds

10 narrow push-ups BW
20 skull crushers 15/20
20 OH French press 15/20

*Added a 1 min sprint

Ab Medley - 3 rounds

20 situps
20 R side ups
20 L side ups
20 Superman back ext's

*Added a 1 minute sprint after every round

Biceps 21’s - 3 rounds

7 bottom to half 15/20
7 half to full 15/20
7 full 15/20

*Added a one minute sprint

Legs Medley -3 rounds

20 BTB squats
20 alternating lunge switches
20 single leg DL 15/20

*Added a 400 meter sprint

Then I did some chest and shoulders on the pulleys. Threw in some abs at the end.

Then I talked my friend into getting off her stair climber and doing sprints with me. We did a twenty minute workout sprinting one minute on one minute off. Sprint speeds were 9.5 to 10.0. I was a sweaty gal! I finished off my workout with twenty minutes on the stair climber. I was so happy I got some good cardio in and felt so great. I am slightly obsessed with my water bottle. Water is so important for you. As long as I have my trusty bottle in hand I usually get in about a hundred oz per day.

Sweaty and red as a cherry tomato. Yes I can drive and take self portraits at the same time. It's all about hidden talents people. I wonder why other drivers were looking at me weird?

I had a ginormous protein shake. I bottle of coconut water, one and a half scoops protien, ice, and a handful of spinach. It was huge and so yummy. I downed the whole thing. No prob!

For lunch I had a veggie/protien plate. Spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, egg whites, turkey, a tablespoon of my jalapeno yogurt dip, and threw in some cracker for some carbs. I once again....ate the whole thing. Geez.

Afternoon snack. Plain greek yogurt, Kashi Crunch, and blueberries. This is one of my favorite snack ever. And you get a ton of protien, your carbs, and sweet crunchy goodness.

This is where my day kinda went downhill. I did get my house cleaned and even better I got my five year old and three year old to help! Dinner was crazy and I ended up eating only an apple with almond butter, 3 egg whites, and a SMALL whole wheat blueberry pancake. Then we had to run out the door, drop kids off at grandmas, and be somewhere by 6:30. We were on out way home about 9:30 and my husband is starving and decides he really wants sushi. So we went out to eat at 9:30 at night! That is something I never do. I had some tofu veggie dish that was really good but not so good for me. Then we headed next door and shared an ice cream. Wow, I feel really gross but here's to a great Saturday workout tomorrow.

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