Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday started at 5:40 when my alarm went off. I was supposed to meet my sister at the gym at 6:00 but she didn't show. :( So I was left to myself. I tend to workout harder when I workout alone, for some reason I push myself harder. Workout went something along the lines of this:

body ball push-ups-20
push ups-failure
cable leg extentions-10 e.l.
step plyos-45 seconds
rest 30 seconds

dumbell press on ball-25 pd. dumbells 20 reps
half crow push-ups-10
jump squats-15
warrior pose with dumbells-hold 1 minute
rest 30 sec

tricep dips-failure
hanging abs-15 each side, 15 center
static lunge with lateral shoulder raise-10 each leg, 10 pd. dumbells
side step plyos-45 seconds
rest 30 sec

pike push-ups-15
squat w/military shoulder press-10, 15 pd weights
dropsies-12 e.l.
jump rope-1 min
rest 30 sec

bench dips w/ ball- 20
bicycle crunches-50
plank twists-40
boat pose- 30 sec
*This is a workout from Jillian Micheals "Making the cut."

Then I threw in some woodchoppers, abs on the TRX, pushups and fly's on the TRX, hamstrings and glutes on the TRX, and a couple sets of tricep extensions.

Next was my GPP Fitness routine. If you don't know about this...go to Love their workouts! I usually incorporate other things as well as GPP but I love it.

4 ten m high knee sprints (rest 5 sec. between each sprint)
20 OH DB presses 15/20 ea.
20 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
20 OH triceps ext 15/20

Did this three times and did my sprints in the gym parking lot. :)

To finish off -
one mile on the stair stepper
one mile on the row machine
one mile on the stair stepper

I usually am not this crazy when I workout...but I was feeling good so worked it for two and half hours! I was beat.

Breakfast was a protien shake and a oatmeal/peanut butter ball I threw together. Lunch was half a can of tuna mixed with one teaspoon light mayo and a squirt of mustard. With a side of green beans and 3 egg whites.

My "dessert" was some chocolate almonds. These are the most amazing thing I have ever discovered. And they have the same amount of calories as natural raw almonds. Whoo Whoo!

I took my husband a snack at work for after his lunch break workout. Turkey, almonds, apple,
peanut butter/oatmeal ball, and a protien shake. Looks good to me!

Do you work out harder by yourself or with a friend?

What is your favorite post workout meal/drink?

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