Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I love to bake....and it's bad

Yesterday morning started out really well.  I slept in.  I usually always find a lame excuse to sleep in on Mondays.  I got up at about 7:15 because I had to be to the dentist by eight.  When I came home I made myself a healthy smoothie.  This one had spinach, strawberries, guava, plain greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and water.  It was a good way to get my fruits and veggies in early in the day.

Then because I am so productive everyday of my life I put together a really hard dinner in the crock pot.  This is my most favorite taco meat and it is so easy.  When people ask what is in it they don't believe me when I tell them.  All it is is chicken tenders and a can of green chilies.  Nothing else.  Nothing!  And it is really yummy on tacos.

Just put it in and your set.  Easiest dinner ever.

I snacked on rice cakes and a Kashi cookie before fitting in my workout.  I did the gpp workout of the day.  This is one of my favorite workouts to do.

STABL = (shoulders,triceps, abs, biceps and legs)
Class does reps in unison on trainers count:
Shoulder Medley - 3 rounds
           20 front raises 15/20
           20 upright row 15/20
           20 OH press 15/20
Triceps Medley - 3 rounds
            10 narrow push-ups  BW
            20 skull crushers 15/20         
            20 OH French press 15/20
Ab Medley - 3 rounds
            20 situps 
            20 R side ups
            20 L side ups          
            20 Superman back ext's 
Biceps 21’s - 3 rounds   (see demo)      
            7 bottom to half 15/20
            7 half to full 15/20
            7 full 15/20
Legs Medley -3 rounds
            20 BTB squats 
            20 alternating lunge switches
            20 single leg DL 15/20
*Try not to rest during the three exercises at all.  Rest at the end of the triple.

I fit in a pretty healthy lunch after.  A spinach salad with chicken and a couple kashi crackers.  I put too much dressing on which turned out OK because Ollie ate half of it.  :)

Then my day got so much better and so much worse.  I made this stuff.  It's HORRIBLE for you.  I mean, just awful.  But I had to make it to take to my parents and so I ate it for afternoon snack and dinner.  Sweet.  At least it tasted yummy.

I went to bed feeling gross.  Today has been much better.  After a day like that I don't even have to try to eat good.  I just want too.  I skipped spin this morning because I am going to go tonight with my sister.  So I got to the gym at six and my workout was really random:

TRX push-up-15
TRX tricep dip-15 (hands on bench, feet in the TRX)
Woodchoppers-15 each side
*repeat three times

DB chest press-15
DB fly-15
*repeat three times

DB decline chest press-15
Pike push-ups-15
*repeat three times

After that my friend shows up and is doing the gpp workout of the day.  I couldn't not do it with her.

Perform 4 sets of each of the following:
10 BB biceps curls AHAP
20 DB presses strict 15/25
30 KB swings 35/53
40 crunches

Those KB swings were so hard the third and fourth rounds!  Then we hit up the treadmill together for a quick cardio session.  We did a hill workout that looked like this:

Minutes 1-20....9.0 incline, walk one minute, sprint up that hill one minute for twenty minutes
Minutes 20-30...11.0 incline same thing.  Sprint on and off.
I was a sweaty nast.
Breakfast was 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites with a half of a sandwich thin toasted.

Snack was a protein bar while I was out running around.  I just finished lunch which was a salad.  Spinach, chicken, carrots, broccoli, a little feta, and one bacon strip.  I was in a salty mood which is why I added the bacon.  I NEVER add bacon to my salads.  Now I know why....it was totally grossing me out while I was eating my salad.  I'm a sausage kind of girl and even that's rare.  I gagged this salad down.  Really.  It was not good to me.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent trying to avoid the couch or my bed and to get something done.  Anything.  Ya right...gotta save my energy for spin tonight.  Right?

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