Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This will be quick

It's late.  I need my bed.  But I wanted to at least post my workout.  I just got back from dinner with some neighborhood friends and ate way too much today but who's complaining?  Breakfast was sweet potato pancakes that turned into scrambled pancakes because they would not hold together.  They still tasted yummy.  All the rest of my meals were all over the place.  So no pics today.


Spin class


Complete 5 supersets of ea.
weighted pushups AHAP
burnout set of chest flys (band) med/heavy
Rest 90 secs
weighted chinups AHAP
burnout set of bent rows 65/95
Rest 90 secs
4 handstand push ups (nose to floor)
12 strict OH DB press AHAP
25 side lateral raise 10/15 (strict)
And a couple of abs at the end.  I ended up almost doing two full gpp workouts but the second one wasn't quite the full thing.  Legs tomorrow.  Bring it on.  G night!

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