Monday, November 28, 2011

Lets start with today...

then do Thanksgiving recap shall we?

Before we left on our little Thanksgiving getaway I happened to open a box from the Fed Ex guy.  I thought it was my kids presents I had ordered but no, new shoes for me!  Hooray.  Thanks to my boyfriend who was going to save them for Christmas.  I could really have used them now though.  If I would have known something for me was in that box I never would have opened it.  But I'm glad I did.

My workout today was killer after the holiday of stuffing my face.  I did this workout from gpp:

For time:
1600 m row (or 160 rowing alt.)
200 KB swings 25/35
1000 rope jumps
200 box jumps
200 situps
200 squats
200 ab bridge jacks
Seriously???  I wanted to throw up.  But it was awesome at the same time because I needed it sooooo bad.  If you need a good workout, try this one day.
I skipped a protein shake because I was starving so eggs and a plain greek yogurt parfait it was.

The protein shake came in later for snack time.  Chocolate mint hot cocoa.  Perfect for this cold, cold, day.

I made this cake last night for dinner and I think I ate a fourth of it today.  I felt like I snacked on it all dang day which isn't good.  But I am pre menstrual so there.

Lunch was cafe rio soup with a bunch of my girlfriends from the gym to celebrate Xela's birthday which was Friday.  Happy Birthday Xela!!!

Dinner was a salmon burger, salad, and a little sweet potato.  It was nothing gourmet but it was quick and easy.

For Thanksgiving my in laws so graciously rented out a beautiful home down in Zions National Park for all of us to go stay at together.  We had a lot of fun, good food, laughs, and great cousin time.  My kiddos loved it!

I love this man who changes all of the poopy diapers when he is around from this guy....


The morning of the big Turkey fest I really wanted to get a good workout in.  The hubs said he would do a six mile trail run with me.  Well.......he hasn't run in a while and was sick on top of that so it wasn't the best workout.  We went about three miles walking/running.  I did get in 125 burpees along the way though so I counted it as good enough.

It was freezing when we first started out so he let me wear his shorts.  They were huge but we managed. Thanks darling.

When we got back to the house it was cooking time.  I was in charge of the yams, salad, and apple pie.  I am so good at making salads.....see?  Joey peeled all my yams and apples and relayed them to me from across the kitchen.  No one got hurt.  We are that good.  This is the apple pie I made.  I don't even like apple pie and this baby was amazing.  For my yams I did the sweet potatoes and apples my family always makes on Thanksgiving.  I will put the recipe up another time.  But they are really yummy.

My plate.....I think I ate more crap this weekend that I have all year.  It feels so good to be home again and getting back into the routine.

What we do for fun.  Dress people up so they look like idiots and laugh at them.  This was four of the kiddos doing the upside down puppets that I made.  It is so funny to me to watch these.  The kids love them and laugh so hard.

Then Heather and Benji pulled this one off and I was peeing my pants.  I know....guess you had to be there.  Big Whoop.

Friday morning we got up and went into the park to hike.  We did the hike to the Emerald Pools.  I got my workout in by packing my boy both ways.

All my kids absolutely love hiking.

The scenery was so gorgeous.  The hubs and I are going back down in February with no kids and I can't wait.  It will be so nice to enjoy the view and do some longer hikes.

Friday night a couple people went to the sand dunes.  I was home with a sleeping sick baby but I'm sad I missed out.  The hubs did some awesome cartwheels all the way down I hear.

He loves me.  :)

We had such a good time but we all got sick.  We are all exhausted and ready to be home.  Our week this week is out of control crazy.  It's insane.  I can't believe how much we have going on these days.  Hopefully we make it through it.  I just don't think about it because if I do I go nuts.  Wish me luck!

Congrats to Luke and Jess on your new baby girl!!!

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