Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday is done

CRAP! I just wrote a whole post and deleted it. High five Lynds. So I'm not going to go into detail about my workout. I did gpp to start off. Then I broke out the TRX and did some back, biceps, and legs. I also threw in a couple of lat pulldowns, standing lat pulldowns, and woodchoppers. I swear I had it all broken up for you in sets, reps, etc....but I am a computer lame-o. Breakfast was the usual protein shake. This time with coconut water, one and a half scoops protein, half a banana, a handful of spinach, and some ice. Delish, except my kids all wanted to "help" me drink it. By ten thirty I was starving again and at gymnastics for my daughter but luckily I had one of these in my purse. :)

Lunch was a half a can of tuna with three eggs whites, 1 teaspoon light mayo, a squirt of mustard, and pepper. I was needing treats so I had a Kashi cookie on the side.

Dinner was pasta for the kiddos. I made a marinara with ground turkey and sweet potato and used that on the sauce. Instead of noodles for me and the hubs I whipped up some oatmeal and put the ground turkey sauce on top. It sounds really weird but it was actually awesome! Tasted like brown rice. I had some veggies on the side and a little sourdough bread. My friend brought me Kneaders bread and I couldn't resist a taste!

I snacked on cocoa almonds and other things throughout the day but did really good eating today. Bring on my 5:15 am spin class tomorrow!

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