Wednesday, November 2, 2011

pms....go away

Sorry you all (well all three of you) have to hear about my menstrual cycle.  Lets just say I'm bloated, up seven pounds....yup seven, and want chocolate 24-7.  Not a good thing two days after Halloween and you have a ton of it in your pantry.  On a positive note...I got my workout in at home last night before bed.

This morning's workout was all over the place.  Here's what I did:

15 minutes on stairmaster

Incline DB curl-15 each arm
Alternating BB curl-20
*repeat three times

5 minute row

Running the rack-biceps
Back row-20
*repeat three times

Lat pulldowns-15
Straight arm lat pull downs-15

Spin for 25 minutes

Cable cross lat pull downs-15
High pulley cable curls-15

A few abs and I called it good.

Breakfast today post gym was a blender bottle shake and a whole wheat blueberry muffin that the hubs made.  I needed more than a shake today since my pre period body id trying to convince me it's starving.  Fabulous.

Snack on the go... + dark chocolate chips and raisins.  Sorry Bubs, I ate all your yummy snacks.

Lunch today was also on the go.  A six inch turkey sub from subway.  I pick up Joey from work and we took the girls to get haircuts.  By the time they were done we were all starving and subway it was!

I ate probably three or so mini candy bars throughout the day so a healthy dinner had to be on the list.  Balsamic chicken, sweet potatoes, and salad.  I could have been a lot better today but my body is crazy right now.  CRAZY....I tell ya.  So there.  Be prepared for more period talk this coming week.  Technically the fun hasn't even begun.  Heaven help us!

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